Corona Yoga Classes


Local Yoga Classes Fall 2019


Yoga Body Sculpt at Crunch Fitness in Corona:

MONDAYS 6:30 pm 

THURSDAYS at 10:15 am

Hatha Yoga Class at Crunch Fitness in North Riverside:

FRIDAYS at 5:30pm

*Yoga Body Sculpt is a strength-building Vinyasa flow class that focuses on sculpting,  toning, and strengthening suitable for all levels, no experience necessary.

*Hatha Yoga integrates posture, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation to harmonize you on every level – body, mind, and spirit. A delicious, mindful and moving class. All levels welcome.

Bookmark the following linked page to see the group fitness class schedule: then select the ‘classes’ menu or change locations to find a Crunch near you.

*Peak or Peak Plus membership required to attend group classes at Crunch. Ask me about a guest pass.

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Jesus & Yoga Classes

No Regularly Scheduled Classes this Month. Request a special pop up class and contact Lori.

What to Bring to a Yoga Class:

  • A Mat
  • Water Bottle
  • Blanket or Throw
  • Yoga blocks (x2)

For the most up to date class info please make sure you are receiving my bi-monthly emails. (Scroll to the footer of this page to sign up for “Lori’s Letter”) Follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook. (also linked below)

Contact Me:

With your questions or special event booking inquiries for retreats, & workshops, or private yoga sessions.

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