My Celtic Christian Journey Video

My Celtic journey began with a trip to Colorado this Spring for the Colorado School of Celtic Consciousness and Heartbeat Pilgrimage taught by John Philip Newell, and my first year. Eager to return again next year for year two. Enjoy this glimpse into year one as I spent a few days in the beautiful RedContinue reading “My Celtic Christian Journey Video”

Your Flesh is a Poem

Your Flesh is A Poem is an Online Course: A Guided & Creative Journey & Integrated Spirituality of the Body Designed to: + CONNECT with the FEMININE HEART of GOD  + HEAL the RIFT BETWEEN YOUR BODY, HEART, & SPIRIT  + UNRAVEL CENTURIES OF CONDITIONING + RECLAIM YOUR LIFE, YOUR VOICE, YOUR BODY,  & YOURContinue reading “Your Flesh is a Poem”

Befriending My Body: A 5-Day Series

Loving my body is healing for my soul. Befriending My Body is a FREE 5-day email series of affirmations, simple embodiment practices, creative assignment, printable journaling pages, and breath meditation. Designed to bring heal the rift between body & soul and help you befriend your body. Sign up today to get day one. Emails will beContinue reading “Befriending My Body: A 5-Day Series”

Virtual Vision Board Workshop

How Do You Want to Feel in 2019? Envision 2019 and Embody How You Want to Feel. Unearth goals with soul as you give voice to your dreams and desires for the coming year. Join my Free Group on Facebook where I’ll walk you through the process throughout the month of December, in just aContinue reading “Virtual Vision Board Workshop”

The Integrated Soul Podcast Episode 1 Shownotes

“Something Is Not Right” Show Notes In the first couple of episodes, I begin to share my story of taking my voice back after spiritual trauma and how that led me here. I’m using my own voice to tell my story with the hopes that it will empower someone else to be free from theContinue reading “The Integrated Soul Podcast Episode 1 Shownotes”

Surprise, it’s a Podcast!

Surprise, it’s a…. ….podcast! 🍾🎉🎈🎊💖💛👶🏼😇👼🏼🤰🍼🎀🎐📝📚🎨🎙 I keep calling my Podcast ‘my baby’ and here are some reasons why: 👶🏼 While the podcast itself was a surprise…everything that went on before and behind it was not. And that’s why it all made sense when it showed up as an idea at midnight on Sunday night.📝 It wasContinue reading “Surprise, it’s a Podcast!”

Loved Back to Life: Redemption

I studied music with a calling to lead worship. I was honored to have space to do this for several years. But I was restless. I attempted to get work at churches unsuccessfully for a countless number of years. Countless number of resumes and interviews, just to get my foot in the door. I wasContinue reading “Loved Back to Life: Redemption”

An Odyssey Moment

  My life came to a halt four years ago when I was stopped from pursuing worship leadership. I thought it was over. I had nothing else to live for, the life was zapped from me, and I felt limp and lifeless. Then, almost 3 years ago, I started going to a weekly yoga classContinue reading “An Odyssey Moment”