Odyssey: n. a long wandering and eventful journey

This is the story of how yoga was the conduit that saved my life, reconnected me to the wisdom of my own body and inner voice, reclaimed my voice and a pivotal path to the journey home to my whole, integrated self: heart, mind, body, and spirit.

About Lori:

Lori is a 500hr Certified Yoga Instructor in the tradition of Patanjali’s Eight-Limbed path and the Hatha Yoga Tradition. She is a second-year seminary student studying Theology  at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena.

She grew up overseas and Downunder, a TCK on more than one beautiful island. Always a free spirit & encouragement cheerleader. She gets her love of words, science, and theology from her Linguist parents. Studying music was the only path that made sense in college, and music runs in the family and back through extended family. After a painful separation from music, she’s listening for new opportunities to make music, and began singing again. (If you’d like to hear more about what happened to that part of her story, check out the first 3 short-form episodes of her podcast). 

A practitioner of spiritual sobriety, spiritual agency and freedom, advocate for embodied, integrated soul care and self-compassion. Yoga was a pivotal part of her healing and liberation journey, of listening to her body, her intuition, and remembering who she was and of her calling to help be a small part of bringing hope & healing to the world. A lifelong student, and contemplative reader,  and student of social justice matters, a more equitable world, and believer in shalom and wholeness. She recognizes she has a lot to learn about equity, do less harm, interrupt harm, and spending her privilege and is doing her personal best to do her own internal work and self-reflection and bring awareness to her companions along the way.

Her 300-hr training to decolonize western yoga runs parallel to her journey to dismantle oppression of the harm of colonization of Christendom as a weapon of White Supremacy, and to encourage folks to do better. Ignoring history does not help us grow both collectively and individually.

Yoga is a deeply spiritual and ancient practice. It is more than just a physical or asana practice. A spiritual, eight limbed path, and tradition that comes from India. Acknowledging the roots of this liberatory practice do not dictate who or what you must worship. She has chosen a Jesus-centric yogic practice; a redemptive, life-giving, and vital part of her journey — it truly saved her life. An embodied practice that brings heart+mind+body+spirit together can be very moving, powerful, and restorative. Her first two yoga classes as a student were an encounter with the Divine Love of God whispering Love to her heart as she began to learn the art and practice of listening in prayer, breathwork, also known as the ancient yogic practice of pranayama, and paired alongside Contemplative Christian Spiritual Practices & Spiritual Disciplines such as Christian Meditation, Lectio Divina, the Prayer of Examen and Centering Prayer.

She’s an auntie to one niece and one nephew who are joy-bearers, and engaged to one magnificent human.

She’s so excited to see you in class or connect with you online. Grace & Peace